change management plan 10

Final Portfolio Project

Change Management Plan

A change management plan helps an organization succeed during times of deep change. A good plan helps an organization successfully plan, implement, and communicate the change process to its employees.

Identify a program or situation to be changed in your organization, in a Fortune 500 company, or in an organization you are familiar with. Then, develop a change management plan. The plan should address the problem you have identified and should include action steps, a plan for each of the responsible individuals, a timeline with accountabilities and due dates, and deliverables.

The change management plan should address each of the following elements:

  1. Define in detail the problem, the recommended change, and the goals (desired outcomes) of the recommended change.
  2. Identify, list, and explain the specific business needs driving the change.
  3. List the implementation steps for the entire change management plan.
  4. Describe the intervention that supports the organizational strategy for change.
  5. Describe the measures you will recommend for handling the most likely areas of resistance.
  6. Discuss your communication plan.
  7. Explain how the plan would be implemented, monitored, and controlled.

In the process of creating a change management plan, integrate some change management theory and explain how using a theoretical basis affects the planning for and implementation of the change.

Use at least three references, including your texts. Remember that grammar, spelling, punctuation, the quality of writing, logic and flow, integration of theory, use of references, and content all count. Please use topic headings to guide your reader. Your plan must be at least five pages but no more than seven pages long and double spaced, excluding the required cover page, executive summary, and reference pages.

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