Challenge to Using the Technology Platform

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reating Online Quizzes

The growth in online education has resulted in an increasing need for online quizzes.  However, creating and posting tests remains the responsibility of the instructor.  The purpose of this discussion is to describe how I created quiz questions, how I used a technology platform to post the quiz, and whether I would use this technology in the future.

Challenge to Creating Quiz Questions

I have instructed and performed the Rapid Strep Test for many years.  However, this is the first time I have been tasked with creating a lesson plan with follow-up quiz questions.  The Rapid Strep Test is a fixed skill with the process established by the manufacturer.  Additionally, the Rapid Strep Test requires memory and manual dexterity rather than an in-depth understanding of the scientific principles supporting the testing process.  Therefore, I felt I should design questions that focused on the how-to rather than the why.  I avoided negative options as those require reverse thinking rather than knowledge (DiSantis, Ayoob, & Williams, 2015).  I also made certain that each question had a single answer that was clearly correct so as to avoid ambiguity in the selection (Focuszone Media, Inc, 2019).  Finally, I made certain to keep all of the multiple-choice answers similar lengths to avoid distinguishing one from another (Focuszone Media, Inc, 2019).

Challenge to Using the Technology Platform

I chose SurveyMonkey as the technology platform for my quiz.  SurveyMonkey is an online platform that allows organizations to obtain feedback from employees, consumers, or students (SurveyMonkey, 2015).  I had never used a technology platform before, so the process of creating an online quiz was a new experience.  While at first, the process seemed daunting, SurveyMonkey has done an excellent job of streamlining their process.  The ease of using this application makes it likely that I will use SurveyMonkey in the future, whether through school or work.

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The increase in online education has made online quizzing a necessity. The method of creating quiz questions has changed little with the advent. However, the process of handing out paper quizzes and #2 pencils has forever been transformed into an online environment


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