case study 2134

  • Cover Page
  • Situational Analysis (1- 2pages)
    • This is a synopsis of the case. Briefly summarize the case in your own words and evaluate the internal and external issues that are being faced.
  • SWOT Analysis (Use the SWOT template provided with this assignment)
    • Select 3 for each category.Write the statement and provide a brief rational for the statement.
  • EFE and IFE
  • Development of Strategies (SWOT Strategy Matrix)
  • QSPM
  • Formatting
    • Follow MLA guidelines for research and formatting.All sections must be in order.Excel templates must be copy and pasted into the document (select the image option when pasting).

Use the templates provided and develop an EFE and IFE based on your SWOT analysis in the previous step

Using the SWOT Strategy Matrix and the Strategies in Action PowerPoint document and Identify (3) three strategies that Nine Dragons can pursue. (SO, WO, ST, WT)

Select two strategies from the previous step and complete a QSPM matrix to determine which the best strategy to pursue is.Use the QSPM template provided.

Discuss why this strategy would succeed, identify internal or external issues that would be a challenge in implementing this strategy, and discuss consequences of the strategy failing.

(I will provide the the templates)

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