The essay clearly introduces the topic, and takes a clear stance.

The essay provides 3 arguments for their side, as well as 1 (or 2) counterarguments.

The essay uses at least five sources, three of which are from BU Libraries.

The arguments made for the writer’s side are clear, and effective. (no anecdotes!)

The essay is at least 2000 words (NOT including heading/header/reference list).

The essay includes a thesis statement that accurately previews the main points.

The essay contains topic sentences, and transition sentences between body paragraphs.

The essay displays unity within paragraphs and coherence between sentences.

The essay concludes with a closing statement.

The essay does not have many errors in subject-verb agreement and verb tense.

The essay does not have many errors in article use (the/a/(none)).

The essay does not have run-on sentences, fragments, or comma splices.

The essay contains a variety of sentence structure: Sentences are neither too short, nor too long (“choppy” or “stringy” sentences).

The essay uses a variety of vocabulary, and does not rely on a limited number of words.

The essay includes a header at the top-right of the paper. The essay includes a heading at the top-left of the paper.

The essay is written in times new roman, size 12 font. The essay is double-spaced. The essay uses 1-inch margins.

The essay cites sources correctly, according to APA format.

The essay correctly uses a reference list, according to APA format.

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