busn 2252 80 principals of management week 8 discussion 3

Friends Apoorva and Mihr own “Instacart” in the emerging sharing economy. They are very interested in making plans for improving their business. Apoorva says to Mihr: “We should be benchmarking what some of the successful grocery delivery services are doing.” Mihr responded; “I don’t think we should only be interested in our direct competitors. Why don’t we look at benchmarking against entirely different businesses as well?”

What do you feel is the best approach with benchmarking here? What types of performance measures should a business like Instacart be benchmarking? Examples – Customer satisfaction ratings. Time from order placed to goods received. List 7-10. What are some of the specific companies within their industry and/or outside of their industry, that Instacart should benchmark performance measures? Explain why you selected these performance measures and these companies.

Example – Instacart should measure time from order placed to goods received against Amazon because … They should also measure…

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