Bicarbonate Loading



my topic is : Bicarbonate Loading


1.      Discuss any high profile or anecdotal cases of use/abuse in elite athletes that have made the headlines and describe the rules and regulations of their sport or event or governing body (print or electronic media).20 points


2.      Sum up your findings with a conclusion. Is this worth it? What are the health risks- is cheating fair? 10 points.




Please use tables and diagrams to support your research findings and to illustrate/summarize the findings of previous journal-based studies.   Your paper should be comprehensive, include critical review and reflection/synthesis of the evidence and include current (within the last 10 years) scientific data from online journals and other credible primary resources such as books. ALL sources must be cited within the paper using APA format. Use your own critical reflection to summarize the sources that you find, compare and contrast several sources on the same topic. Plagiarized papers will receive an F.

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