assignment 5 image narrative coding report 1

For this assignment you will code documents to answer a research question: “How do doctoral students in RES7700 understand the purpose of education?” The documents are ALL narratives that you and your classmates submitted in Week 1. The coding scheme that you will develop must lead you to answering this specific research question. You will be reading and ‘making sense’ out of these narratives through the lens of ‘what can these narratives tell you about the research question?’ Another way to this about this is that you will be interrogating the narratives with this research question. Also, you MUST use Word or Excel to code the transcripts and create the Code Book (use LaPelle or Taylor-Powell & Renner articles as a model). You can use highlighting, color-coding, annotation, comment function, tables, etc. If you do your coding by hand on paper with pancil, you will need to trasfer this into a Word file. You will be asked to include the coded transcripts to the final paper. The report must include:

  • The research question
  • The transcripts with the coding process (i.e. original text unitized; category codes; sorting of the categories into themes, and possibly relationships between themes).
  • The coding scheme: explanation of your codes.
  • Summary of your findings: What did you learn so far about your research question?
  • Memo on how you moved from your codes to your findings.
  • Short memo on the coding process: What do you think about coding? Where do you see gaps in your data? How does what you learned inform your thinking about your interview/observation data?
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