Assignment (2 pages) For this Assignment, consider your suggestions for treating Jane. Write a 1- to 2-page summary of the case study. Your analysis should: Determine whether Jane meets criteria for an anxiety disorder Explain your rationale for your de

Jane, a 9-year-old Latina female, was brought to the clinic for excessive shyness, difficulty falling asleep, and inability to be alone in the house. In addition, she had begun to brood that the family dog would get sick and die. Her mother just returned home following 3 months of psychiatric hospitalization for severe depression. The mother’s illness followed her husband’s (Jane’s father) leaving the family in order to live with another woman, whom he intended to marry. Jane had been reluctant to attend school in kindergarten and first grade, but this had reportedly been addressed by the school, which has firm limits about school attendance.

At home, Jane often sleeps in her parent’s bed. In the past 2 years, the problems have worsened considerably. Frequently, Jane fakes illness on school days, and her school performance has begun to deteriorate. Recent testing has revealed reading difficulties that appear to be longstanding in duration, and tutoring has begun. This academic year she is repeating third grade. Jane has taken this poorly and has no friends among her classmates. During the interview, Jane spoke with reluctance and appeared sad. She seemed preoccupied with her dog, Spot, and feared that the dog might fall ill. When asked directly, she said she did not sleep well unless she was in the same bed as her mother.

Although she admitted she could not stay in the house alone even for 10 minutes, she claimed this was almost never a problem as long as her older sister, a neighbor, or a housekeeper was with her, which was almost all the time. She admitted she wanted to have more friends but, except for a girl who lived next door, was reluctant to spend time away from home.

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