assigment 7

For your Study Proposal assignment, you will apply knowledge of theory and research in the study of biological psychology by writing a study proposal and providing a detailed summary outline of the research plan. This topic should be of your choosing, and builds on the information you identified on research methods currently used in the field, which you completed in Unit 5.

For this assignment, propose a study plan in which you will research the hypothesis for a research problem of your choosing, relevant to biological psychology. Format your paper using the following headings, as well as the Study Proposal Template (linked in Resources):Research problem:State the problem that underlies the topic for your research proposal.Evaluate physiological connections based on knowledge of physiological mechanisms, neural transmission, and neurotransmitter function gained in this course.Literature Review: Provide an effective literature review of other studies done on the same research problem. This section may include information obtained in your Unit 5 research methods paper.Importance or Implications to Biological Psychology: Discuss the importance or implications of this research problem to biological psychology.Research methods:Discuss the research method and design chosen for your proposed study from the four identified in Chapter 4 of Brain & Behavior. Naturalistic observation.Case study.Survey.Experiment.Clarify a rationale for the research method chosen to be used in this study.Hypothesis Verification: State the hypothesis your study plan is designed to test and any questions that will guide your research plan.Validity: Describe how the validity of the research will be ensured.Ethical Criteria: Discuss the necessary criteria to ensure the study will be conducted safely and ethically.Summary: Summarize your study plan and rationale for the chosen method and design.Paper RequirementsNumber of Resources: Minimum number of 3–5 peer-reviewed journal articles.Length: 10–15 pages.Format: Formatted as shown in the Study Proposal Template, linked in the Resources. Use current APA style and formattingTurnitin: Submitted to Turnitin and the percentage provided when you submit your paper to the Unit 7 assignment area.

Submit Methods of Research assignment by Sunday of Unit 7.

You may choose to save this learning activity to your ePortfolio in the Professional Showcase binder for SOUS Program Outcomes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Toggle Drawer [u07d1] Unit 7 Discussion 1 Memory and Human BehaviorResources PSYC Discussion Participation Scoring Guide .

Memory acquisition involves different areas of the cortex, depending on the type of information presented. Our ability to remember events and how to perform tasks affects our ability to work, interact with others, and understand the world around us. To complete this discussion, answer the following question about memory’s contribution to how we perceive the world:Assume you are building an electronic learning and memory system for a robot—is there anything that you would change from the human design? Why or why not?

Submit your discussion post by Wednesday.Response Guidelines

By Sunday, respond to at least two other learners’ initial posts.

Your responses to other learners are expected to be substantive in nature and to reference the assigned readings and other theoretical, empirical, or professional literature to support your views and writings. In your response, do at least one of the following:Ask a probing question.Offer a suggestion.Elaborate on a particular point.Provide an alternative opinion. Toggle Drawer Updates and Handouts

Periodically, information will be posted in this space for the good of the class. Toggle Drawer Ask Your Instructor

This forum was created to provide a convenient space for you to ask questions—questions about particular assignment and discussion activities, questions about the course in general, questions about expectations. If there is something that you feel you could use help with, please post your question here. Most likely, some of your classmates will have the same concern, so your post may help several learners. If you feel your question is private, please use the Messages tool found under Notifications. 


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