Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses

Prepare: In this course, you have been given the opportunity to self-reflect. This discussion will provide you the opportunity to gain additional insight about yourself from the perspective of others. You will complete a 360- degree exercise where you will first self-reflect and then interview a selection of others about your strengths and weaknesses. Start by reading the Week Three Instructor Guidance and section 6.7 “The Trait Approach” in your textbook. The section in the textbook covers the Big Five personality traits; this will provide you with insight into the five factors of personality: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (also known as Emotional Stability) (OCEAN).

The first step in this exercise is to list three areas that you consider your strengths and three areas that you consider your weaknesses. Keep the list to yourself, and do not share with anyone.

Next, identify three people who know you fairly well (e.g., parent, spouse, friend, co-worker, supervisor, etc.). Explain to each of them that this is a survey for school that will help you analyze your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Ask each person the following two questions and record the results.What are three areas of strength that you see in me?What are three areas where I could improve?  Reflect: Compare the list you made with the responses from the people you selected. Do you see yourself as others see you? Ultimately, how well do you know yourself? Write: For this discussion, respond to the following.In one paragraph, describe the areas that others identified as your strengths. What was your reaction?
In one paragraph, describe the areas that others identified as areas for improvement. What was your reaction?
In comparing your own list with the areas others identified, what similarities and differences did you notice?
Identify one strength you can capitalize on to become more successful in school. With which of the Big Five personality factors does it most closely match?
Identify one area of opportunity you can develop to become more successful in school. With which of the Big Five personality factors does it most closely match?

Your initial post must be at least 250 words in length. 

Respond to Peers by Day 7: Review your classmates’ posts, and respond to at least two of your peers. Comment on how your peer can capitalize on their areas of strength, and recommend a plan of action for their areas of opportunity. Each response should be a minimum of 50 words.  Think about it this way…   This discussion is asking you to do five things:Consider and make a list of your own strengths and weaknesses.Select three people in your life, and interview them with the questions provided above.Analyze the strengths and opportunities identified by others, and compare them to your own list.Describe how you can capitalize on your strengths and develop areas of opportunity and relate them to the Big Five factors of personality.Respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. 


Use the Respond to Peers information above to assist you with your reply.

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