article summary 54


• Why did they do the experiment(s)?

• What did they predict?

• How did they do the experiment(s)?

• What did they find (results)?

• Why is this important?


Summaries should address the questions listed in the Research Participation Guidelines.

• Paragraph Format • 1 Page • Single-Spaced • 12 pt Times New Roman font • 1-Inch Margins

• Failure to comply with these standards will result in 0 credit.

• Include a cover page containing: • Your Name • Your B# • Course Number & Section • Instructor’s Name

• APA-Style Reference

• It is your responsibility to know the rules regarding academic dishonesty and plagiarism. • All article summaries will be submitted via turnitin

Your document will consist of 3 pages in a Microsoft Word document. Page 1: Cover page with identifying information (name, B #, course and section #, title, APA reference, etc). Page 2: The article summary can be only 1 SINGLE-SPACED page, no more and no less! Page 3: A legible copy of the first page of the manuscript.

(Do the P1-368 in the uploaded picture)

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