• Why was the port of New Orleans so important to all the countries fighting in this war?
  • Describe the beginning of the Battle at dusk on land, and the Battle at sea at night
  • What important city did the British burn?
  • Why the area around New Orleans is called the “Crescent City”?
  • Although Major General Jackson had US infantry in his for this battle, who are the other local people who joined in the fight?
  • Why did the British Naval Fleet commanded by Admiral Alexander Cochrane have to stop so far from land?
  • What did they have to do to get men and artillery onto land and through the swamps?
  • What was General Pakenham’s battle plan? Did it work?
  • How and what was the effect did the weather have on the Battle?
  • At the Battle of East Bank, how many Americans and British troops die?
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