Analyzing research methods of media reports

watch this video of the media to analyze;

of fish oil

Address the questions that follow based on your viewing of this media report regarding psychological research.  Type your responses within the text box for this assignment.  As you do so, identify the item number to which you are responding (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8) and respond to each item.  You do not need to include the question asked for each item below in your response.  However, fully respond – do not just say “Yes,” “No” or “None” for instance. 

here are the questions  What was the research study about – what did the researchers conclude? Do you believe the reporter has written a credible summary of this research study?  Why/why not?.  What research method did the researchers use? Who was the population? Who was in the sample? What materials were used to collect data? List at least two questions you have about this research study or the results.  What is another method researchers could use to determine whether or not fish oil is associated with better brain functioning?  State your hypothesis for this possible way of examining the association between fish oil and brain functioning, the population you would study, anything about the sample of participants that would be important in your estimation based on course reading, and describe the materials you might use if you conducted this hypothetical study.

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