all research projects and thesis must include a search and review of relevant literature

All research projects and thesis must include a search and review of relevant literature. This should provide background for the project and/or provide the basis for the methodologies being used in the project. For example, if you are developing a Web site for a customer, you might focus on the software tools you use and when they might be used or a topic such as usability, if that is your focus.

You are to locate research articles on your pre-approved topic. You are to write a no shorter than 5 page summary (double spaced) of the general theme(s) of these articles as it pertains to your topic. This summary should serve as the background/foundation for your research project. You are expected to provide comparison and contrast of findings from different articles and discuss the limitations, gaps and controversies (if there is any) that exist in the literature. A reference listing the articles should also be included at the end of your review (this does not count toward your page limit).It is anticipated that you will review 10 – 15 scholarly articles, technical Web sites, or books. APA latest edition should be followed for all work that is submitted.

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