advocacy letter for Catherine Owens


Im sending you the “child within paper” where you can find what it is needed.

Also im sending you the same attachement file from last homework. Professor in one of her comment she said that i can use the same topic becuase it was something that i went through in my past so it will be perfect for the paper. Some of my experiences is in that paper and feel free to add more things that you can think of. 

key point to remember: 

triangle advocacy which consist of 3 points : subject: person who needs help 

                                                                       advocate: who advocate for the subject

                                                                       target: person/group of people who will make changes 

case advocacy: when advocate for one child

class advocay: when advocate for  a group of children

Protective perspective: when the parent or annyone know what is best for the children. make choices for them.

self determination: when the child know what is best for themselves. they make their own choices or advocate for themselves.



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