adding paragraphs to the proposed research apa 6th edition style must use all the sources accepted just if it is taken from google scroller or eric also you will need to send all the sources that you used as a pdf document along with your work

Please read all the instructions before you make an offer.

You need to use APA style 6e edition. reference must send as a pdf or links. I suggest using Google scroller or Eric

Here is my topic

((University of Ha’il Students’ perceptions toward using YouTube as an alternative way to develop their academic performance))

What you need to do is to add (extend this paper) adding information about the following:

1- Why YouTube is important to use in education

– Information about YouTube for example when existing etc…

– Information about using YouTube

A- YouTube in Saudi Arabia

– An overview of the YouTube platform in Saudi Arabia.


– Using YouTube in Saudi Arabia (Number statistic )

Why this study is important?

-Numbers and statistics about YouTube in Saudi Arabia.

2- Talk about Saudi Arabia (Hail /Ha’il University)

– General info about Saudi Arabia and Hail city then The University of Hail

– Geography info about Saudi Arabia and Hail city which is the university located in

A- Hail University (about the university)

– why it is important for instance (serve the northern part of Saudi Arabia)

– Numbers and statistics about undergraduate Students ( male- Female)

(topics- what is youtube, how youtube works within education, how many people in education use youtube, how many percent of people use youtube, definition of youtube, youtube experience in Saudi Arabia, how students feel about youtube, justification of using youtube in the classroom, JUSTIFICATION OF WHY YOU WANT TO USE YOUTUBE SPECIFICALLY- I want to use youtube because it’s the most popular social media platform in Saudi Arabia and the third most popular platform in the world. (talk about how Saudi Arabia is home and how your teachers used youtube). I feel youtube is a verifiable source of information, and it helps students to understand things that are hard to explain in the classroom. Videos are fantastic examples of how to do things, aka tutorials. )


Also, I need to add more information on “Theoretical framework”

Theoretical framework

The uses and gratifications theory (U&G) will be used as a framework for this study. Using U&G will help the researcher to understand the motivations behind the University of Ha’il undergraduate students using YouTube’s platform as an alternative way to increase academic performance.

  • Definition of the U&G theory
  • ………

  • Elements of the U&G Theory
  • ……..

  • The assumptions of the U&G Theory
  • ……….

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