accounting 420

There are five questions each worth 10 marks respectively. Each question may contain a number of sub-parts or questions that you will need to complete. Please show all relevant formulas used as well as your workings for all calculations. Failure to show all workings will result in a loss of marks.

Question 1 TOTAL (10marks) By The Sea is a small bed and breakfast located in Bicheno, Tasmania. The price for one night’s accommodation is $65 per person with a Continental breakfast each morning of the stay. The young couple who are the owner managers of the property estimate that their variable costs per person are $25.These estimated variable costs include :

•Food $12

•Cleaning $7


The fixed costs of running the property include Council rates and taxes, water and insurance. These costs are projected at $58,000 per annum. The property currently has the capacity to accommodate10 guests on any given night. Required:(Show all workings and calculations where required) Calculate the following.

a)The contribution margin per unit for one night’s accommodation for one guest.(1 mark).

b)The contribution margin ratio.(1 mark)

c)The breakeven point in number of nights’ accommodation in units and in dollars of revenue.(1 mark)

d)The number of night’s accommodation to earn a target net profit of $80,000 for the year ignoring income taxes.(2marks)

e)The business plans to sell 2,500 rooms over the coming financial year, calculate the margin of safety, what does this margin of safety mean, explain?(2 marks).

f)The business is predicting that the costs of food due to the bushfires is going to rise by 10% over the coming year. The owners are seeking to spend $5,000 on advertising with local travel agents to promote their small business. Based on these additional assumptions, what will be the new breakeven point in units?(3 marks)

Question 2 TOTAL(10marks)The Albert Street convenience store’s owner has some concerns regarding one of its product offerings and its current poor performance and how this is going to affect the overall business. The product in question is the juice bar section. The manager of the store has provided you with the following profit analysis regarding the juice bar; Required:(Show all workings and calculations where required)

  • Evaluate the profit analysis that has been prepared by the manager. Discuss with reference to relevant costing concepts.(5 marks)
  • Based on your findings in (a), prepare a profit/loss analysis which is more suitable in order to make decision, for the continuation of the Juice Bar. Do you recommend the continuation of the Juice Bar? Why, Why not?(5 marks)

The manager of the store has provided you with the following profit analysis regarding the juice bar; Required:(Show all workings and calculations where required)

Question 3 TOTAL (10 marks)

CLM Accountants Pty Ltd offer a range of accounting services. The company uses a costing system that estimates the cost of each client’s job by accumulating the costs of the professional labour, that works on the actual job (direct labour cost), plus a charge for overhead.

The cost of the specialized labour and the associated charge out rates used for the clients are as follows;

Cost of Labour

Chargeout rate for billing to clients

Senior Accountants assistant



Graduate Accountant



Senior Accountant



The overhead rate is based on the specialized labour costs, which are budgeted at $250,000 for the current year.

The budgeted overhead costs for the whole of the business for the current year are as follows;

Management Salaries


Support staff salaries


Depreciation – Computer hardware


Printing and Stationery


Telephone and internet




Depreciation – Office furniture








During the month of September, the company worked on three clients jobs. These jobs required the following labour (in hours);

Client Name

Senior Accountant – Assistant

Graduate Accountant

Senior Accountant

Royal Pines




Emerald Lakes








Required: (Show all workings and calculations where required)

  1. Calculate the overhead recovery rate to be used by CLM Accountants Pty Ltd. (2.5 marks)
  2. Calculate the cost of the jobs for each of the three clients. (4.5 marks)
  3. Calculate the fees that will be charged to each of the clients based on the provided chargeout rates for billing to clients. (3 marks)

Question 4 TOTAL (10 marks)

You are currently earning profits of $120,000 per year before tax. In order to expand your business you will require $400,000 to support this expansion.

You expect that this expansion will generate an additional $80,000 of before tax profit each year forever. You have a couple of alternatives:

  1. The bank will give you an interest only loan of 8% each year for five years. At the end of this time, you can pay the $400,000 back or you might be able to roll over the loan.
  2. An investor has indicated that they are willing to invest the whole $400,000 but they want a 50% shareholding of your business.

Required: (Show all workings and calculations where required)

a. Using the information above, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option (at least 2 advantages and disadvantages for each option) and explain your decision on that

option you will select (5 marks)
b. Provide calculations within your analysis to justify your decision (5 marks)

Question 5 TOTAL (10 marks)

Veggie Patch Company’s budgeted income statement includes the following data;

Colourful Blooms Company






$ 120,000




Commission expense—30% of sales

$ 36,000




Wages expense

$ 40,000




Rent expense

$ 5,000




Utilities expense

$ 1,700




Insurance expense

$ 2,100




The following assumptions regarding the budget are as follows;

  • Cash sales are 30% and credit sales are 70% of the business
  • Collection of the credit sales are 30% in the month of sale, 40% in the next month and 20% in the second month after the sale. 10% of the sales are not collectable.
  • Credit sales for August are $70,000
  • Commission expenses, 40% will be paid in the month that they were incurred and 60% will be paid in the following month.
  • 25% of the wages expense will be paid in the month that incurred and 75% will be paid one month later.
  • Insurance was prepaid for the upcoming year on August.
  • Rent and utilities are paid in the month that they were incurred.
  • The cash balance on the 1 September was $20,000.

Required: (Show all workings and calculations where required)

Prepare a cash budget for each of the months October, November and December for the Veggie Patch Company. (10 marks)


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