a anthropology paper

1) First, select a single international news event that has occurred in the past 60 days. Since the purpose of the paper is to address international issues, the event you select for this assignment must have occurred OUTSIDE of the United States (although the issue may INCLUDE the US as one of the agents involved). There are numerous current news issues to choose from, but for this project I strongly suggest that you choose an event of a political or social nature.

If you are struggling to find a topic for this paper, you may want to check out respected news

sources online such a CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, etc. to get a sense of current news events that are

relevant to this assignment.

2) Your topic should be a single, recent event, not an ongoing issue. For example, you might

choose to discuss a recent, single action that took place in Yemen or Afghanistan or Syria or the

Central African Republic, or Palestine, etc., but you may NOT choose the overall, ongoing

violence in Yemen or Afghanistan or Syria or The Central African Republic, or Palestine, etc., as

your topic. For example, you could choose a single, recent protest, or meeting or act of violence

that has recently occurred in Syria as your event for this paper, but you may not choose the

overall ongoing civil war in Syria as your topic. A recent election (outside of the US), a newly

approved law or act of legislation (outside of the US), an international political meeting, the

signing of a treaty or international agreement, a single act of violence, a recent missile test, a

recent day of protest or a recent military action that took place on a single day would all be

possible topics for this paper. However, any paper that tries to address the entirety of the Syrian

civil war, war refugees, peace in the Middle East, Aids in Africa, poverty in India, international

human rights, human trafficking in Southeast Asia or drug trafficking in Mexico, etc. are all too

broad for this assignment and are not appropriate topics for this class. You need to choose

something much smaller – a single action or event that occurred on a specific day – as a topic for

this assignment. For example, you could pick some relatively small, particular portion of an

issue to focus on, such as a reaction to a controversial law that has just been passed, or a

particular act of violence that recently occurred, or a recent meeting between heads of state or a

recent foreign election, or a recent military intervention, etc. Also, please do not choose a

sporting event, a natural disaster, a health crisis or an outbreak of disease for this assignment.

You may NOT write your paper about an event that occurred in the US, such as the recent

confirmation of Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court or the #MeToo movement, since this

would be a domestic issue and you must choose an international topic for this assignment.

Selecting Articles

3) You will need to have collected at least four newspaper articles on the SAME EVENT from

DIFFERENT nations. You are only permitted to use one article from a US newspaper source and

your other three article choices should be on the same event but each one must be selected from a

DIFFERENT newspaper and from a DIFFERENT nation. In other words, each article you

choose will come from a different nation’s newspaper, but all four articles must still be focused

on the same event and should have been published within 48 hours of each other. This will

enable you to distinguish how a particular event is presented differently in various newspapers

from around the world. You may use online versions of newspaper articles. The articles may not

be more than 60 days old when you submit your final paper. Please do not use op-ed pieces for

this assignment (do not use articles from either the opinion or editorial section of a newspaper).

You will need to submit hard copies of each of your newspaper articles when you submit your

completed assignment.

Conclusion: Write a 2000 word Project Summary-Critique

4) WRITE a 2000 minimum word (double spaced, medium size 10 –12 font, standard margins)

in which you provide a summary and comparison of the different articles you have selected for

this assignment. You will search for differing emphases and patterns between your articles, and

you will consider the differing impact each individual article might make on its reader depending

on how the issue is presented and handled by each author. You are to examine and critique the

differing ways in which the issue is being presented in your articles.

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