5 7 pages world history paper

Each student will select a topic that deals world history to 1500 and write a short research paper that it is between five and seven pages in length, utilizing the research paper guidelines found in the “course documents” folder. Upon completion, the student will post the paper to the “research paper topic proposal” assignment in Blackboard, using the “write submission” button only–not the “comments” button, and submit it for my review and evaluation. The grade for the research paper will based on your adherence to the following rubric categories, drawn from the Writing Guide:

Rubric Categories: Topic approved by instructor  5 points

(Submission of research paper proposal and receipt of instructorapproval, indicated by a 100 for this assignment)

Length (more than 5, no more than 7, pages)  5 points

(Does not include any preliminary pages, such as title page; pages after end of narrative for tables, appendices, and/or bibliography; and space for maps, tables, charts, diagrams, photos, etc., in the body of the paper

Introductory Paragraph/Thesis    5 points

Narrative (logical, accurate) 45 points

Summary/Closing Paragraph5 points

Free of errors   5 points

 (no grammatical or punctuation errors,no misspellings)

Adequate/Correct Documentation 10 points

Footnotes or endnotes ONLY)

Minimum number/quality of sources used  5 points

(More than 5, mixture of printed and internet sources—you do not have access to printed sources, such as military in Middle East [need to send me e-mail to let me know]; NOTE: You cannot use the textbook or any encyclopedias [software like Encarta; on-line such as Wikipedia, or printed such as World Book] of any kind as a source)

Bibliography/List of Works Cited  5 points

 TOTAL 100 points

General topic of the paper.docx 

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