20 tips for the correct presentation for thesis

presentationIt is not always enough to talk about your thesis presentation. In some cases, you need to visually show any diagrams, tables, individual provisions in the text. A multimedia presentation can do this well. Today we are just going to talk about how to arrange it correctly.

The following points can highlight as relevant tips:

  • There should be no more than fifteen slides in the presentation. If you do more, the presentation will be lengthy, with a lot of unnecessary information. In a smaller quantity, it may not be possible to fit all the required material. Therefore, 15, in this case, is the optimal number.
  • As a rule, the starting slide should be the same as the ending one. It usually indicates the name of the university, the topic of the diploma research, the full name of the fifth-year student, and his scientific advisor, the name of the student’s specialty, year, place of writing.
  • When creating a presentation, such a ring composition is needed so that the commission initially had the opportunity to get acquainted with the scientific work presented to it. The final slide helps to remember the information shown originally and refer to the student by name and surname.
  • The background of the slides should be calm so as not to emphasize too much attention. This is also done so that the commission does not have problems reading. In this case, a dark font on a light background will look almost perfect.
  • The font for the text should be approximately 28 points. It is best to use the 36th size for headings. This is done so that the reader is clearly visible and also read without any problems.
  • You can read the speech simultaneously as the presentation and set it to automatic playback at a predetermined time interval.
  • After drawing up a presentation, it is imperative to check it for errors. It is worth remembering that all typos and inaccuracies will be very clearly visible with a large font size. Therefore, you should write as competently as possible.
  • The text of the presentation must correspond to the report itself. If this requirement is not met, then it is unlikely that the graduate will get a good grade for the defense.
  • Spread text evenly on slides, as too much information can overload the presentation. Also, the general structure of the presentation should match the design of the thesis.
  • After the introductory slide at the very beginning, it is worth pointing out the relevance of the research. One can copy it from the initial part of the work or formulate it yourself again.
  • Next is usually the object and the subject. It is worth revealing the meaning of these concepts as accurately as possible, but at the same time, one must do it concisely and succinctly.
  • Then the problem of this work is indicated. Here it would be best if you write exactly what problems can be solved with the help of a specific study.
  • After you have described the problem, it is worth identifying the result you want to come to. That is the purpose of the thesis.presentation
  • It also does not hurt to write down the tasks set in the diploma. In this case, they are shown on the slides of the presentation and spoken out loud.
  • Some students also indicate the structure of the work. But such a slide is optional, so you can safely skip it since it is not of particular importance.
  • Besides, the presentation can indicate the key concepts that are used in the study of this topic. One of the slides can be dedicated to quotes taken from the theoretical part. But always with the indication of the author.
  • The following slides can be occupied with graphs, tables, and other statistical data used during the work on the diploma. In this case, each fall must be supported by explanations and, of course, signed.
  • When preparing a presentation, it is worth remembering that, in general, there will be five to seven minutes for a speech, for which you need to meet. Each slide should contain no more than ten lines placed horizontally.
  • On the slides reflecting the central part of the work, the theory should also be written, but you should also give any empirical text insertions. It is worth pointing out which methods you used to solve practical problems and write about the results obtained.
  • When compiling a presentation, you should think in advance what order the slides will be arranged so that it would be possible to get a coherent and coherent system from them.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the presentation is good reference material, so it should be used to the maximum. It will quickly help you to get out in case you forget the text of the report. Therefore, it is worth spending a day to do it.

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