2 part assignment 23

part 1 due in 3 hrs

Q1-Compare the vision of the multimedia pioneers among Alen Turing, Vannevar Bush, and Douglas Engelbart in their approaches to meet human needs.

Q2- MP3 maintains audio quality while reducing file sizes by lossy compression. In this context explain how MP3 maintains quality with lossy compression.

Q3- Discuss in brief the idea of multi-programming, multiprocessing and multitasking along with some of their advantages.

Q4- What is author-ware? Is Microsoft word a multimedia authoring tool? List some multimedia authoring tools.

please correct answer and complete and clear , i need all of these

no plagiarism

no copy

part 2 due in 6 hours

1. Define and discuss in your own words the definitions and models for disability.

2. Discuss the difference between illness and disability.

3. Compare and contrast the characteristics of rural and urban communities.

4. Discuss the impact of structural and personal barriers on the health of rural aggregates.

APA format, a minimum of 2 evidence based references, minimum of 700 words. NO PLAGIARISM, RAN THROUGH TURN-IT-IN.

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