1050 words recruiting and training volunteers

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In the past two weeks you have explored the importance of recruiting and training volunteers for an organization. Choose an organization with which you are familiar or one in your community.

  • First, identify the types of volunteers that the organization uses (or could use).
    • Evaluate at least three different recruitment methods that could be used for these volunteers.
    • Identify the best method the organization could use to recruit volunteers.
  • Next, identify two of the commonly used volunteer training programs.
    • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen programs.
    • Detail how these training methods could be used for the volunteers.

Your paper should be 1,050- in length, not including the title page, formatted in accordance with APA guidelines. Provide specific examples to illustrate your conclusions using a minimum of three credible sources, also cited in accordance with APA guidelines.



Connors, T. D. (Ed.). (2011). The volunteer management handbook : Leadership strategies for success. Retrieved from https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.proxy-library.as…
Chapter 10: Training Volunteers

Starr, K. (2012). HOW TO Successfully Recruit Volunteers. EMS World, 41(4), 56–59.

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